“Nothing is more beautiful than the pure harmony of different materials blending together.”


Quite a long time ago, a simple man with simple rules inspired Dirk Cousaert (1960, Oudenaarde). His name was Kamiel, son of a mill restorer. "You can create anything you want", he said."As long as you do it with passion and an eye for detail." And even though Dirk Cousaert studied electro mechanics, he fell in love with the beauty of wood, old furniture and ancient assembly techniques.

Dirk Cousaert started his career with the small-scale production of furniture for friends and family. In addition he concentrated on the restoration of antiques. By the turn of the century he was more than ready for his own creation of tables, cabinets, kitchens, doors, stairs and art object


Ever since then, Dirk Cousaert has been building his own world of singular creations. Some of them are Re-increations. A limited and numbered line of unique pieces, devised the other way round: the material determines the shape, the shape determines the purpose. Anything can be the starting point: a weather-beaten pile from the sea, a broken tram track, a forgotten quarry stone with a fossil print or a grid from an old industrial building.

Dirk Cousaert reshapes history into a new and exciting future. He restores the material. Combines it with the warmth of wood. Contrasts it with metal, glass or synthetic materials. Then becomes now. Now becomes then. A perfect circle to celebrate life.

The essence of a stilt house

Dirk Cousaert is always looking for the essence of things. That’s why he and his family live in a simple stilt house with a shower outside, between the branches of an old tree. It may sound romantic, but in wintertime that is not the word that comes to your mind.

For Dirk Cousaert it’s all about going deep. About not being afraid of the miserable, the ugly, the raw. Because those turn out to be the most profound experiences.



Bringing old and new elements into a straight and clean-cut design creates a fascinating tension.